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Amerta Movement

Amerta movement
with Suprapto Suryodarma

Suprapto Suryodarma is a performance artist and movement teacher from Indonesia, Java. He developed his approach, known as Amerta Movement, over a period of 30 years and performs and teaches in Indonesia, Europe, the USA, Australia and the Philippines. Amerta Movement is deeply rooted in Indonesian culture, its artistic and spiritual roots. It is a practice of creative expression and a path of personal growth.

In his work Pak Prapto enters into dialogue with nature, spiritual places - for example, temples - and human beings in all their cultural diversity. In the workshops he works with themes like: grounding, density, gesture, direction and becoming present. Participants are guided in their search for individual expression in movement.

Practicing what Prapto calls 'finding our proportion' will help us develop a new inner attitude towards our life and its situations, leading us to accept our limitations, weaknesses and potentials. This allows us to rest. It will also free up life-energy that would otherwise be seized by self-doubt and self-criticism. By redirecting this energy, we can explore new possibilities in our bodies, souls and minds. It creates space for playfulness and joy....

Another key aspect of the work is learning to let go of ego-identification in artistic expression.

Pak Prapto passed away on 29th of december 2019 at the age of 74. He was still active performing untill 3 days before his death.